Sunday, September 08, 2013

Neglecting Again

It has been an interesting two weeks getting back into running. I have been doing a good deal of research on nutrition, and at the same time have continued my quest to rid myself of my caffeine dependency. I had two cups of coffee on Saturday and it actually had me feeling jittery, where once upon a time I would have had two cups just to get things started for the day. I would have followed it with an energy drink or two, a few diet sodas, and little to no water. I have been drinking lots of water, and only occasional diet caffeine free soda. A glass of wine here or there, and I splurged this weekend and had a full bottle on Friday night as well as a beer on Saturday with my dad followed by another glass of wine that night. I feel like I paid for it. My number on the scale tonight was 198.1 which was less than satisfying. Alex has continued to run with me in the mornings, and he got a huge ego boost at the Milton 5K this afternoon, where he placed second in his age group. There were only 14 total participants, and he ran/walked the race in over 40 minutes, but it doesn't matter - he did a great job and it was reassuring to him to know that he was able to perform well. He's started soccer, which means we will have to lay back on the running a bit. I don't want to lose any ground so I have been doing a few sessions on the treadmill, between my sessions with him. Things are progressing along. I am going to keep working on dialing in the diet, and I am still contemplating a cleanse at some point in the coming weeks. I got an interesting book last week on Bruce Lee, and it is amazing how (or maybe not so amazing, since I am zeroing in more and more on core nutritional principles) much his diet was similar in nature to many of the other books I am reading. Merrie is reading the Paleo diet right now, and we are adjusting to a diet of fewer refined foods and sugars. We are still eating grains, but I have been trying to steer clear of dairy and I have been eating probiotic yogurt. Some Paleo and non-Paleo eating choices, but still no beer and still weaning off the caffeine.