Saturday, October 22, 2016

A New Start?

I have been brainstorming a number of ideas around getting the blog up and running again.  I think I would like to look at podcast options, to really see how far I can take some of these ideas I have around efficiency, productivity, and happiness.  I'm not looking at making a Tim Ferriss clone but rather looking at what makes Everyman, and any man, choose their respective path in life.  I know my path, and yet I also feel like I should perhaps be on a different path.  To that end, I'm looking at creating a site around some of the concepts I have been reading about, and hopefully I will be able to reach out to individuals who are successful in their respective walks of life, to figure out how things should be.  Even more, to figure if there's a way things SHOULD be, or only what we make of them.  We spend so much time trying to create an ideal 'us' that perhaps we are just spending time moving in the wrong direction.

So pull up a chair, stay a while, and see what happens.  This is the seed.  We'll see where this idea grows to, and how big it gets before it needs to be pruned or before we need to just spray some weed killer on it.

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