Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Documenting Ideas

I spent some time in the car earlier this week and found it was a great opportunity to capture some ideas on my voice recorder. One of the things I thought about was how I can begin to organize my ideas into a book format. I was able to put some coherent things onto tape, but the problem will become transcribing. The nice thing about voice recording is that I am able to capture things as fast as I can think about them. Writing tends to be just a bit slower. I'm a fast typist, but it takes more for me to get the ideas down and I don't have as much free/available brain space to be thinking about the next thing. That said, I think there is an opportunity with the blog to use it as the brain storming space as I continue to develop the topics of organization, compartmentalization, and efficiency. I try different approaches and different systems (one of the things I also talked about on the recording on Monday) to find what works the best. I have a Google doc right now for tracking the ideas but it is just one long free form document. it isn't a to do list per-se, but rather just a brain dump. I need to take that information and begin to organize it in some coherent way. The challenge is in moving these ideas forward while there is still so much going on. I am busy constantly, but unless I am able to consciously devote a period of time to these ideas, they're not going to go anywhere. The time in the car is not taken up with anything else in most cases, so it makes sense to be able to document ideas there. I journal in the morning, so it makes the most sense to be able to document ideas here. I have another journal, one I started back on January 1 this year (it is now day 308) to track my weight loss, exercise goals, thoughts on health, and other miscellany. I think having two journals, or multiple journals, is a good way of keeping track of things by giving each journal a unique voice. There are some things that don't work in a public forum, or are private in nature and are things one might not want to share out. On the other hand, writing with the idea that what is being written is going to be published to the web and might actually be read by someone gives a bit of a different approach.

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