Thursday, November 03, 2016

One clutter at a time

I'm trying to work towards organization and minimalization. I get the idea of the KonMari method, and of doing everything at once. The reality is, when you're in a house that you share with other human beings, you can't impose a method onto them and just assume it is going to work. I think the idea of leading by example is a more effective approach. In looking around at the spaces that I consider to be 'mine' within the house, I believe the approach of handling one space at a time makes more sense to me. I'm going to try to deliberately approach this effort, and one space at a time I hope to be able to move towards more organization and less clutter. It will be interesting to see if this activity of becoming organized ends up rubbing off on anyone else in the house. I don't want to dictate the way we should all live, but I know that the more time we spend in this house and the more cluttered it becomes, the more it seems like we just aren't living our lives the way we should. We have too much stuff. Too much that we don't need. Too many impulse buys, and not enough things around us that bring us joy. We aren't deliberate enough about what we acquire, and then we have less emotional attachment to it. But just enough of an attachment that it seems to bring anxiety to think about getting rid of things. I have things that I hold onto for sentimental reasons, but why? What is the value of keeping them? Do I need them? Can I just get rid of them? Should I put them in a box somewhere and see if I end up missing them, or have they really brought me all the joy and usefulness they are going to bring me? It is an interesting prospect. I'm on the way upstairs to begin the process and see how it works out.

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